Watson Lake Community Outreach Website

Contract: Design and maintain website and job board
Client: Watson Lake Community Outreach
Date Started: 2006 – Present
Comment: I used to think my own website went through countless updates. Then I started working on my employers site. LOL nope. Since I first built this site, I’ve redesigned it at least 15 times LOL.  I’ve gone from basic html, to joomla, to custom built UI’s to finally wordpress over the years. I settled on WordPress because it’s a very easy platform to use, and it can easily be taught to fellow staff who may not have knowledge of coding. The site is quick, with an easily updated Job Board, streamlining WLO’s online presence. Finally, shout out to both Kyle Harrison and Kris Hornseth for their help over the years. I learned so much from you both while working on this site for the past decade, thank you.