Buckles the Husky Plush Set

Contract: Create 5 plush based on the Redesigned Buckles the Husky
Client: aasman Branding on behalf of Yukon Highways and Public Works
Date Completed: July 2016
Comment: This was the 2nd contract with aasman for Buckles, and I learned a lot about working with plush on this one. Making five plush identical is harder than you’d think lol! Very pleased with how they came out in the end, love their little faces. 😀

Plush Details:

  • Number of Different Prototype Pieces: 10 Heads, 5 hind legs, 4 bodies, 4 noses, 2 tails, 3 ears
  • Height: 18 inches / 45.72cm (bottom of feet to top of ears)
  • Fabric: Snow White Minky, Ash Grey Minky
  • Embroidery: Eyes, freckles, and “Buckles” signature on bottom of paws all from Madiera thread.
  • Stuffing: Approx 12 pounds / 5.44kg of polyester fiberfill stuffing
  • Machine Sewing: All pieces
  • Hand sewing: Paws and mouth details, ears, legs, tail, and head attachment to body.
  • Hours: Lost count around 100