Commission Page Updated

Have the commissions page a big overhaul, split everything up into it’s own sections for clarity. My commissions are still closed for now, January got a little busy and I fell pretty behind… but! I have created a Trello Work Log that will show you everything I’m currently up to! I will do my best to keep it updated with all of my projects, as well as it will list when I am planning to reopen commissions! So much to do to prepare for summer!

Happy New Year!

So 2018 is officially over and we’re into a brand new year. Here’s hoping it will be better than the last. I have a ton planned this year, with a bunch of new plush in store, new stickers, and so much more! I hope to update the social media more as well, with my main focus on Twitter and Instagram (sorry, but I just really hate Facebook… ^_^; ). Site wise, I’ll keep it updated as much as I can! Updated the site today, WordPress updated to it’s big 5.0, which is not playing well with a lot of plugins and themes like Divi, so if the site is buggy or sluggish… that’s why. Hopefully it’ll sort itself out in the upcoming weeks as WordPress sorts out their crap.
One last thing, I’ve updated the Commissions Page. It will now show which items I am open or closed on for commissions, I hope that makes things easier. I will be sure to keep that updated, so if things are marked closed, please just check back! Thank you for visiting, and hope your New Year goes well!

Upcoming Conventions!

Fur-Eh! 2019

June 13-16, 2019
Edmonton, Alberta


Question for my fellow #plushartists - what’s the weirdest thing someone’s said/asked about your plush? Once I was asked of my plush were “Japan Exclusives” because of their cost. Had to explain that they were in fact, handmade. Interesting question though!

Can we please stop lying to ourselves and respect the fact that being an artist doesn't mean to be a magician.
Cooks use recipes, Coders use documentation, engineers and architects make the plans based on existing things etc.

Using =/= Copying

No big deal. https://t.co/Y25NDzVWad
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Woo! 10X Battle for Team Time Travel! (Tilas rocking her hard earned Golden Toothpick!) #Splatoon2 #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/1u02XbR2cH cindersdesigns photo

My Artwork

My Colouring Books!

In August 2017, I published my first Colouring book, A Yukon Colouring Guide. It contains 18 pages of educational facts and images all about this wonderful Territory I call home! As you color the pages of this book, you will travel the highways of this historic land, learn about the sights, history, animals and the cultures of the North of 60, and the Land of the Midnight Sun!

In April 2018, I published my 2nd book, the Mythological Minis, which is 24 pages of coloring fun, starring my characters Cinder the Phoenix, Raine the Unicorn, Aspen the Dragon, and Skye the Griffon! Suitable for all ages, the pages range from simple images, to more complex mandalas, to full beautiful scenes!

Both books are available at my Etsy Shop, or various Yukon retailers!