~Plush from my Pattern Inventory~

All listed prices are starting points only and are in Canadian funds. Final Price will be dependent on character requested and details that character entails. Pricing does NOT include shipping.

~One of a Kind Unique Plush!~

All listed prices are starting points only and are in Canadian funds. Final Price will be dependent on character requested and details that character entails. Pricing does NOT include shipping.

Terms of Service


Please visit my Trello Work Log to see the current status of my work load, what types of plush orders I am openly accepting, and how busy I am at the moment. Thank you!


  • Animals, humans, ponies, anthro characters. Interested in something unique? Please feel free to ask.


  • Anything above PG rating. No naughty/adult themes, no fetish work. 
  • Nothing religious, culturally insensitive, political, etc. 
  • I prefer not to work on small plushies under 10″ (25cm), you can ask, but depending on the project I may say no, or ask to increase the size of the plush. A smaller plush does not decrease the price. Quite the opposite. Smaller plush can often be more time intensive due to difficulty sewing small corners and the need to hand sew more pieces.


  • I have divided my plush options into categories to try to help give buyers an idea of costs, but please keep in mind, these are estimates, and all final pricing is dependent in the final plush itself, what details are needed, the size of the plush, accessories, etc.
  • Please select an option you believe best suits the plush you desire, and I will give you a quote based on the materials, time, and shipping costs required to complete your project. 
  • Reference pictures are a must when ordering most plush (some exceptions apply, such as the Bunnies), the more you can send me, the better. That said, descriptions do help as well! The more information you can give me about what you want the plush to look like, what you want it to have or do, are all crucial in giving you not only an accurate quote, but also creating the best plush for you that you will be pleased with!


  • PayPal for all payments. I will send you an invoice via PayPal. 
  • I require 50% up front and the other 50% at completion before the plush is shipped to you. No exceptions.


  • Two Months from the date down payment is received to the date plush is completed (discussion and shipping time is not included in turnaround).
  • I don’t work during holidays, so extra time may be added to completion date if a major Holiday (ex: Christmas) falls withing time frame. I will discuss with you the completion date.
  • Completion date is an estimate, not a guarantee. IF any extension is needed I will discuss it with you at the earliest possible notice. I do my best to get plushies done as quickly as possible, but as this is not currently my full time job, sometimes life can interfere.
  • If you require your plush by a deadline (for example, a birthday), please let me know at the START of the commission. A rush fee may be applied.


  • Prices listed above do NOT include shipping.
  • Country is requested on form to determine shipping estimate. Actual address will be required once commission is approved for a definitive shipping cost.  
  • Shipping depends on final plush size, location it is to be shipped, and quote will be given with quote for the plush.
  • All plush are shipped in boxes and wrapped securely and are shipped with a tracking number which will be provided once it is shipped.
  • I am NOT responsible for anything the mail system does to a package, including lost or stolen items.
  • I am NOT responsible for any import/custom taxes that arise due to your country. Please be sure to check with your local post before ordering! (usually this is only an overseas issue)


  • Design – This is for if I need to sketch what your plush will look like before I start creating the pattern if needed. Not always necessary.
  • Prototype – I create and test the patterns, make sure everything is correct. Plushies that use patterns I already have created (like ponies) generally skip parts of this stage.
  • Final – Prototype and Pattern are complete, this is where the final plush is constructed.


  • I will supply a preview for revision at the Prototype stage only. At which time, I will provide one free revision as instructed by the commissioner during this stage if required. Any further revisions will incur additional fees.


  • I require reference pictures of the character you would like made into a plushie. I cannot work from descriptions alone.
  • I reserve the right to simplify and/or alter your design as I see fit. Not everything can translate into a plushie. Please see the following guide for information on what makes a good plush! (guide works for all plushies, not just ponies)


General Policies

Feel free to use the contact form below, or email me at art@shilo.ca .


  • You may use the finished works for personal use ONLY, such as digital wallpapers, icons, backgrounds, website IDs, forum signature, etc. Linking back to me is appreciated.
  • You may NOT make prints to sell them or claim the plush as your own creation.
  • You may NOT reproduce my plush in any way, shape, or form.
  • I respect all clients rights to privacy. As such, if you do not wish your commission to be posted online, please tell me at the start of the project.


  • All commissions, be them artwork, plush, or otherwise, that are to be used in non-personal or commercial use (meaning the commissioner is going to sell or obtain rights to the work) are subject to a written agreement that both artist and commissioner must then agree and sign.
  • Documents will be written dependent on the agreement between artist and commissioner.


  • I have the right to display all artwork and plush in my online portfolio, DeviantArt, Instagram, and Facebook for self-promotional purposes- unless agreed upon with the client otherwise. 
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason without explanation.


  • If there is anything I have not covered here, or if I am currently closed and you would just like a price quote, please feel free to send me a message! I read every message I receive and will do my best to respond in a timely manner. 


  • By commissioning me you agree to these terms and conditions, as well as any other terms that may be agreed open between the artist and client.
  • By completing the form below and commissioning me, you are agreeing that you are a legal adult in your place of residence and are AT LEAST 18 years or age or older.

Updated February 2nd, 2019.

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