So 2018 is officially over and we’re into a brand new year. Here’s hoping it will be better than the last. I have a ton planned this year, with a bunch of new plush in store, new stickers, and so much more! I hope to update the social media more as well, with my main focus on Twitter and Instagram (sorry, but I just really hate Facebook… ^_^; ). Site wise, I’ll keep it updated as much as I can! Updated the site today, WordPress updated to it’s big 5.0, which is not playing well with a lot of plugins and themes like Divi, so if the site is buggy or sluggish… that’s why. Hopefully it’ll sort itself out in the upcoming weeks as WordPress sorts out their crap.
One last thing, I’ve updated the Commissions Page. It will now show which items I am open or closed on for commissions, I hope that makes things easier. I will be sure to keep that updated, so if things are marked closed, please just check back! Thank you for visiting, and hope your New Year goes well!