Because of course I did. Yet another site revamp, but this one is for more business reasons. I needed to make my online presence more cohesive, make it easier to find my store, etc. A big part of that was to make the site actually part of the company. So got an overhaul to or (take your pick). Keep in mind, all domains will always work. I’m not letting go of The page just has been re-branded. I might make a “personal site” again down the road, but don’t count on it anytime soon. …honestly don’t know what I’d separate out haha. ^_^;

As for the website itself, Facebook eternally annoys me, so I’ve put the sites front page back to a standard blog system instead of a facebook feed. After awhile I found it kind of… silly to have the site showing all of the little things I post to social media. If you want to see that sort of thing, you’ll generally be already on said social media! 😛 The sites blog will be reserved for more important updates. Sure it won’t be updated nearly as much, but I’ve decided that’s ok. I want to keep the website more organized. The site isn’t completely done… the back end of the blog and the projects pages all need updating, but it’s mostly there. (For those coming to this post via FB, just click on “Home” at the site to see what’s changed)

April is gearing up to be a busy one, more updates soon!