As another year draws to a close, its; once again time to reflect on what was done this past year.

I’ve been picking away at my Mythological Minis colouring book for quite some time now. Initially I had planned to complete it this year, but the universe had other plans. Started learning Affinity Designer and hot damn that program is wonderful. Vectoring quickly became my favorite way to ink my work. I just love bold line work!

Didn’t get too many plush done this year, but the ones I did do, I really enjoyed. Like Blues the Mew here! I am still very pleased with his final look. Also my first time working with a wire skeletal structure in a plush, so it was a welcome challenge.

A simple, yet complicated plush. Getting the shape just right was a trick, but he came out well.

It was around early April that it was decided to bring my side project, A Yukon Colouring Guide, to life. I had planned for this project to take at least a year, maybe two, but what with Canada’s 150th and the Alaska Highway’s 75th Anniversaries this year, it seemed like the best time to get this book out, so my focus was completely on this book for months. It wasn’t just the drawing that took awhile, it was the research. A LOT of research. I wanted the book to be factual, I wanted to be able to cite sources. So many phone calls, emails, and talking to people went into this project. It was also the first time I had ever actually published anything, so that was a huge learning curve as well. ISBN’s, Copyrights, Sponsors, working with a production company, all that good stuff.

A Yukon Colouring Guide was completed! The biggest project I have ever done (Buckles from last year would be next lol) I am immensely proud of the work I put into this book, and I can’t thank enough all of my sponsors, family, and friends who gave their time, money, and support into making this a reality! Also a huge shout out to Yukon Tourism for picking up the book and distributing it to all of their Information Centers! The attention this book has gotten still blows me away.

I took a bit of a break from the art from August to September, I attended some conventions, and did some house renovations at the end of September. I have a brand new art studio and I love it! So much room now to work and just so organized!

I made a pony! I haven’t made a pony in over two years, so I redid my entire pattern and made Sunset. Very pleased with the new pattern, and I have a few more ponies I want to make soon. Especially a Pinkie Pie, as I want to compare my very first Pinkie to my current pattern lol.

A new project I’ve been working on, being a huge fan of Bullet Journals and Planners, I decided to make my own stickers! Watson the Wolf, Lyra the Lynx, and Bensen the Beaver are my newest characters, and they’re just adorable. I have so many stickers and other things planned for these little critters that I can’t wait to get out there!

To my happy surprise, I got accepted into not one, but two different conventions for the 2018 year! So planning has already begun for them! One thing I plan to have at all future conventions is badges, so I’ve been making samples for friends while I fine tune just how I want them to look. It’s nice to draw furries again, been a long, long time LOL.


This year went by FAST. Way too fast, and I was pretty busy throughout the whole thing. 2018 plans to be even busier, and it’s kind of exciting. My focus for 2018 is to turn my art, into my business. That is going to take a lot of work, but I’m going to work as hard as I can to make it happen! Again, I want to thank everyone, my family, friends, fans, sponsors, and everyone who’s stuck with me this year, all of you have done more than you know for me, and I am forever grateful.

ON TO 2018!