I’ve created 2 new instagrams as I decided to better organize my feeds. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and I’ve found that instagrams do better for followers if they have coherent themes to them, and I have to agree, it does look nicer. I kept Shilodotca as the drawing once since I am not reposting all of those dailies LOL. Besides, the lions share of my followers on that one are there for my Bujo (Bullet Journal) stuff so might as well keep to it. 🙂 Now I have three so you can follow one of all of them depending on what you’d like to see. Sorry if this is a little confusing, but I think they will look a lot better now! Of course, all 3 are displayed at the top of the website for easy viewing! 🙂

Shilo.dota : Drawn artwork and bullet journaling
Meticulous Moose : Sewing, Plush, and all Artisan Crafts
TilasTrinity : Totally randomness, and probably a lot of pets LOL