I can finally talk about this one! 😀

Awhile ago I was contracted by the company aasman to redesign the mascot Buckles the Husky for Yukon Highways and Public Works, to bring Buckles stylistically into 2016. Buckles is their mascot promoting child car seat and seat belt safety! I did a bunch of artwork for them, and now I can finally show a little bit of it as they posted a very nice article! (CLICK HERE to read the article!) This project has been a ton of fun, and I’ve been so thrilled that I was asked to do the redesign, I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity! It’s been great working with aasman for this project, they’ve been an awesome company to work with! We’re not done yet. I’m working on a continuation of this project for them which I’ll reveal once that part is finished. For now, I’m just really excited to finally get to show this little pup off!