This is what happens when the embroidery machine decides to have a bad time. I started embroidering a set of test eyes, then the machine snapped a needle and sent a piece of it flying at me. Fixed that, then re-threaded and tried again. Then it jammed up SO badly that it misaligned the arm, and threw the bobbin’s tension completely out to lunch. Tore it apart, cleaned it out (I had no idea that much thread could be hiding under the bobbin casing…), fixed the cutter that got bent, redid the tension, put yet another new needle in it (the moment a sewing/embroidery machine jams, toss your needle, it’s no longer trustworthy), fixed the arm… I spent over an hour fighting with it yesterday, and I think I got it working again. All of the little lines are test patterns to see how the tension lines up. They were pretty rough, and a few times didn’t work at ALL (in the center) The tension isn’t perfect but I don’t think I can get it any closer…  I’m really hoping it’ll hold out, the last thing I need to do right now is be spending a grand on a new machine. >_>