Awhile ago I made this bunny using Sculptris:


So I decided to have it 3D Printed by Shapeways in both white sandstone, and blue ceramic. Both bunnies arrived yesterday, and I have learned a few things.

  1. Ceramic is a beautiful material, but absolutely useless for details (he’s adorably creepy, isn’t he?). Would be amazing for simpler shapes.
  2. When you’re making details in 3D, make them a lot deeper, or the printer won’t be able to show them. I think I could gently carve them out though in the sandstone.
  3. Solid figures are more expensive, but more sturdy. I could have saved costs hollowing them out, but personally I prefer the sturdiness because I’m always worried I’ll break something. Both are really solid, and kinda heavy.
  4. I was really worried my sculpture in sculptris wasn’t smooth since you can see a fair bit of wobbly shapes (especially in the ears), but the printer didn’t notice at all. His ears are nice and smooth. So, sometimes lack of detail is a good thing haha.
  5. This could become an expensive hobby. I think I really like the ability to make my own figures. XD

I need a lot more practice in 3D though, it’s been like… 15 years since I seriously worked in the medium. Sculptris is a wonderful learning tool, but I’ll definitely need to learn a more powerful program if I want to get serious about this. MudBox has been a good choice so far. So many ideas, so little time… 😛

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