Here’s the beginnings of my project for this year in among everything else- my first coloring book! It’s going to be based off my Mythological Minis, so here’s a little sample of some of the pages (each image will be a page). I plan to have 20 different images to color (4 per character). The final book will be 7″X8.5″ (a legal sized sheet folded in half). The images will be printed on one side only, that way if you want to use markers there’s no fear of it bleeding through and ruining the next image. All images are vectored, so they print perfectly crisp and clean. I have the whole book planned out, and quite a bit sketched so far. My deadline is to have the books ready by Yukomicon 2016, which is in August (sooner if I can pull it off), so I should have plenty of time. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to getting this book out, as it’s kind of my “test” to see how well it comes together. If it goes the way I hope, I have a 2nd book planned. It’s something totally different, and I’m not sure I will finish this year, because it’s going to be really big. The 2nd book is a coloring/educational/activity book that will be over 50 pages and a full 8.5X11 size! So I’m starting small, seeing how things go. Overall though, I’m pleased with my progress, and am open to thoughts/suggestions!

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