Fur-Eh Special Theme Badge Commissions OPEN!

From now until Fur-Eh I am OPEN for special “Unifursal Studios” (This years theme!) Badge Commissions! Badges will be made available for pickup AT the convention! :D

If interested please send me a message here or on any of my other social media!
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Thanks for looking and sharing!

Plush Commissions are OPEN!

Plush Commissions are OPEN for a limited number of slots!If interested please read through the order page for more details and complete the form and let’s discuss! Thank you!

Upcoming Conventions!

Fur-Eh! 2019

June 13-16, 2019
Edmonton, Alberta


This one took entirely too long because I could not stop messing with the quills trying to make them right. :p I think it looks cute though! #yukon https://t.co/uPkoHwuVdR cindersdesigns photo

My Artwork

My Colouring Books!

In August 2017, I published my first Colouring book, A Yukon Colouring Guide. It contains 18 pages of educational facts and images all about this wonderful Territory I call home! As you color the pages of this book, you will travel the highways of this historic land, learn about the sights, history, animals and the cultures of the North of 60, and the Land of the Midnight Sun!

In April 2018, I published my 2nd book, the Mythological Minis, which is 24 pages of coloring fun, starring my characters Cinder the Phoenix, Raine the Unicorn, Aspen the Dragon, and Skye the Griffon! Suitable for all ages, the pages range from simple images, to more complex mandalas, to full beautiful scenes!

Both books are available at my Etsy Shop, or various Yukon retailers!