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Last minute panic anyone?

Hi all! Again, sorry for radio silence, been working like a madman trying to get everything done! The colouring book is 3 pages away from completion, and will go to printers July 31st! Super excited about that! After that, last minute convention prep PANIC! Won’t that be fun?!  Back to work for me for now, next big site update will be the COLOURING BOOK LAUNCH! Stay tuned!

Work and Headaches

Sorry for radio silence on the site, I keep forgetting it when I update everywhere else. Bad Llama. lol. Trying to get things done, so much do to, do little time! Doesn’t help I’ve been fighting non stop headaches for weeks now. Doc’s…not really sure what’s going on at the moment. We’re tried headache meds, allergy meds, sinus meds, antibiotics…nothings really helped. We suspect the sinus but aren’t really sure. I go see a specialist early June, I hope to get some answers! In any case, I am still working away at prep for Yukomicon! Really excited that it’s back on this year! I already have my table booked!  I’m hoping to have my Yukon Coloring Book ready for con as well! So I have to fight through these headaches and get things done!

Wimpod Plush

Finished Commission for Lunerlad. They asked for Wimpod for a cosplay. Fairly straightforward since we decided to go a little simpler on the design. It has plastic corrugated board in its base so it lays flat. Like a big pillow! LOL

Fabric: Minky
Embroidery: Madiera Thread
Size: 13″ body, 23″ to tip of tail.

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