New Stickers!

 Yay! My first batch of new mini stickers are ready! These little stickers are perfect for journals, planners, calendars, or anywhere else you want something cute! My new journal sticker series consists of two critters, a Beaver and a Wolf! (how Canadian LOL) This first batch is happy, and angry variants. I have a lot more coming soon, like other emotions, the critters doing stuff, and holiday themes!
The sheets are 4.5″/11.4cm High and 3.5″/8.9cm Wide, with each individual sticker being about 0.78″/2cm tall. They are printed on Non re-moveable matte white adhesive paper, and each sticker is kiss cut with a little white border.
They can be found in either my main shop or my etsy shop.

Sunset Shimmer and Pony Commissions

WOO! She’s finally done! I am so pleased to get this girl finished and show off her, and my new pony pattern! She is 20 inches (50cm) from her hooves to the top of her horn. She is made of Minky, fiberfill fluff, and upholstery foam. She is mostly machine sewn, with hand sewing to attach the horn, mane, and tail. Her eyes and cutie marks are embroidered, while the colors on her mane and tail are applique. Inside her hooves is corrugated plastic, so they are flat on the bottom.

With her done, I am now accepting commissions on a case by case basis for Mare Ponies. Click Here for pony pricing , but feel free to email me for a quote as well!
Lastly, 3 new Art Prints are for sale in the shop or Cinder, Raine, and Skye!

Moving, Cleaning, Organizing, all that jazz.

Last few weeks have been crazy busy. Moved my art room (again). I’ll post pictures once it’s finished but for now, here’s a quick pic of my toy collection (not counting plushies), that’s in my new art room. The Pinkining is at hand! XD

Seriously though, I hope to be able to get working on projects soon! I’m doing some digital cleaning too. I deleted the tilastrinity Instagram because honestly, I just didn’t care enough to use it. Also disabled the Mythological Minis Instagram and page for now, because I have some other projects to focus on first. They’ve been neglected for so long, I feel bad leaving mostly empty pages up. Once I return to that project I’ll relaunch them. Eventually. Might also do some purging of other accounts.. I’ve been working to focus my projects both on and offline, so it’s time to get rid of things I don’t use, need, or are adding unnecessary stress.

A Yukon Colouring Guide

I am proud to announce the launch of my new colouring book! A Yukon Colouring Guide contains 18 pages all about the Yukon and it’s communities! I’ve spent the past year working on this project and I am so glad to see it’s completion. The final book is letter size (8.5″ X 11″), and each page has facts and other interesting tidbits about this territory I call home. All artwork is by myself, and in the back of the book is a resources page where you can find many web links for more information about the territory and it’s communities. It is an all ages book, and is great with crayons as well as coloured pencils!  The book is for sale on both my main shop, as well as my Etsy.

Thank you to everyone who offered encouragement and support throughout the project! All of my friends, family, and watchers!


Sample Pages:

I would like to thank all of my wonderful sponsors, without you, this book wouldn’t exist!



I will be at Yukomicon from August 25th to 27th! My table is around the middle of the floor, I should be easy to spot, I’m going to have a large banner! I’m really excited about the con and it will be the launch of the Yukon Coloring Guide Colouring Book! Stop by and say hi! 🙂

Store and site updates, and Colouring Book!

Been working on the site store. I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed the crazy shipping module on it now, so it should be accurate without making prices insane. I hope. Love spending $100 on apps that don’t work… if it’s still going crazy please let me know. WooCommerce is… fussy.

Anyways, there’s not much new in the store right now (I did add some Sailor Moon necklaces that were on my Etsy), mainly I’m just getting it ready for the Book launch! I received the final proof last week, and it looked amazing! The colouring book went into full production yesterday morning! It should be completed in about a week. I’m so exited, it’s almost here! Then I will have the big launch on the site and my social media!

I fixed up the site, was not happy with the blog. I really don’t like having to click to read a full post, so why should others? Put the blog back to a more basic look, which suits me fine. Also, I wanted my damn gifs back!! XD I was so annoyed when Divi got rid of the option for grid blog mode! Finally, moved some things, brought the store to the top and added a nice banner for it, since well, I am attempting to sell stuff LOL.  I think I’m done. For a bit. Maybe.

Last minute panic anyone?

Hi all! Again, sorry for radio silence, been working like a madman trying to get everything done! The colouring book is 3 pages away from completion, and will go to printers July 31st! Super excited about that! After that, last minute convention prep PANIC! Won’t that be fun?!  Back to work for me for now, next big site update will be the COLOURING BOOK LAUNCH! Stay tuned!

Work and Headaches

Sorry for radio silence on the site, I keep forgetting it when I update everywhere else. Bad Llama. lol. Trying to get things done, so much do to, do little time! Doesn’t help I’ve been fighting non stop headaches for weeks now. Doc’s…not really sure what’s going on at the moment. We’re tried headache meds, allergy meds, sinus meds, antibiotics…nothings really helped. We suspect the sinus but aren’t really sure. I go see a specialist early June, I hope to get some answers! In any case, I am still working away at prep for Yukomicon! Really excited that it’s back on this year! I already have my table booked!  I’m hoping to have my Yukon Coloring Book ready for con as well! So I have to fight through these headaches and get things done!

Wimpod Plush

Finished Commission for Lunerlad. They asked for Wimpod for a cosplay. Fairly straightforward since we decided to go a little simpler on the design. It has plastic corrugated board in its base so it lays flat. Like a big pillow! LOL

Fabric: Minky
Embroidery: Madiera Thread
Size: 13″ body, 23″ to tip of tail.

From Sketch to Final

Tons of little edits and changes everywhere lol. Biggest “change” was switching Vaporeon and Umbreon though, they fit better that way. Sketched in Clip Studio, Vectored in Affinity Designer, finished back in Clip Studio. The finished piece will be available as a print at Yukomicon! I hope to have a bunch of prints done by then, based on cartoons and games.

Blues the Mew

Commission for a very nice (and patient) person! Their character Blues the Mew! He stands a little over a foot tall, as close to “life size” as I could get. He has an internal wire frame in the body and tail, so he stands all by himself. His jacket is not removable, but his headphones are!

Because I can never leave it alone!

So, revamp number pumpkin at this point, lets say. Wanted to spruce up the site, got bored, found this pretty new theme called Divi and well… SO MANY PRETTY BUTTONS. I… think I’m kinda done? For the moment? Except for the store. Still need to fill that.
Yup, I got a new store! I decided to give WooCommerce a try because it runs so damned slick with WordPress. I think/hop I got the shipping all set up correctly. We’ll see. Of course I still have Etsy, but if I plan to make my art into a real business, I need/want my own store and… yah it just works a lot better than Prestashop. Sorry old Prestashop lol.

Yukon Mittens

Finished my Yukon mittens. White fleece on the outside, minky sherpa on the inside and cuff. Embroidered with Madiera thread. Pretty happy with my first pair of mittens!


New Instagrams!

I’ve created 2 new instagrams as I decided to better organize my feeds. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and I’ve found that instagrams do better for followers if they have coherent themes to them, and I have to agree, it does look nicer. I kept Shilodotca as the drawing once since I am not reposting all of those dailies LOL. Besides, the lions share of my followers on that one are there for my Bujo (Bullet Journal) stuff so might as well keep to it. 🙂 Now I have three so you can follow one of all of them depending on what you’d like to see. Sorry if this is a little confusing, but I think they will look a lot better now! Of course, all 3 are displayed at the top of the website for easy viewing! 🙂

Shilo.dota : Drawn artwork and bullet journaling
Meticulous Moose : Sewing, Plush, and all Artisan Crafts
TilasTrinity : Totally randomness, and probably a lot of pets LOL

Pop Star Pikachu!

Part of a trade with Aachi-chan on DevitnaArt. She asked for Pop Star Pikachu from Pokemon ORAS with a different color outfit. So many accessories LOL. Plastic purple gems on the shirt and ribbon, then rhinestones all over for glitter. Lace for the wrists and skirt trim. The ribbon on the ear is removable, but nothing else is. She is 13 inches form feet to top of head, not counting ears!

Upgraded Instagram Feed

Moved the feed to the top and upgraded to the Pro version. Now you can click on the images to see them right here, without being bumped to Instagram! Figured that way the site shows off more artwork since I update Instagram (try to, anyways) daily! 🙂 If you haven’t yet, follow me there! Yes, I am trying to make an effort to update the site more LOL.

New sub section- Contracts

You’ll probably see posts sprinkled throughout the blog, but they’ve all been gathered into one area called Contracts , which is now under the Portfolio dropdown list. This is where I’ll be listing all of the past contracts and jobs I’ve done for various clients! From now on when I complete a job for someone, it’ll fall under this category. Just trying to get the website more organized! 🙂

November Doodle Challenge – Complete!

Woo! Completed my November Doodle Challenge, which was a months worth of my original characters! I has so many of them, I’m going to be continuing the challenge and drawing more of them in December! I really enjoy keeping my Bullet Journal updated, and these little challenges are a great way to keep sketching, even if they’re just quick 10 minute sketches. 🙂

Coloring book and kicking around kickstarter ideas

Yes, I can and do in fact still draw LOL. I know, it’s been ages. Life n all that.

Just another peek into the coloring book I’m still working on. Rough sketch of one of Skyes pages, and a more fleshed out sketch. Those leaves are going to be hell to ink. ^^;
 Originally I was going to do the book at about a 6X9, but I’ve been talking with a different printing company and for the very minor price increase, I’ve decided to go for full 8.5X11 letter size! Much more space to color! I’m really happy about that because bigger is always better. Only problem was I had to alter every finished paged to the new size. Thankfully only a few were major overhauls. ^^; The book will be a soft cover, with very thick 100lb paper that should be fairly marker friendly. I’m glad to be making progress on the book again. 19/25 sketched, 15/25 pages vectored.

I’m unsure how I will go about funding it when it’s done though. The more I order the much better deal I get from the printing and hence the much lower pricing I can offer to customers, so while I’d like to order bulk of them, it’s quite a heavy investment. I’m considering Kickstarter for help, if I did go that way, what sort of rewards should I offer? I’m interested in hearing what people like.

Portfolio Updated

Oh look, actual website updates lol. I’ve updated the portfolio section. Now you can either click Portfolio to see all of the things, or use the drop down to view items by category. Yah, back to categories again, it just feels nicer to have both options since some people only want to see certain things. That’s about all for now!

Bag of awesomeness from Blue Robotto

cinderbag Got this bag today and just had to show it off. I ordered a custom bag from the etsy shop Blue Robotto and boy did they deliver! It is so freaking CUTE! Cinder looks just amazing embroidered on the side of the bag!  The inside has all custom pockets as well, and it was definitely a bit bigger than I anticipated, which to me is even better. It’s very light, but well stitched. My upholsterer father is quite particular when I order such things, and he said the bag was very well made. I’m very impressed and I just adore it! It’s awesome seeing Cinder on things, and it’s going to be awesome showing him off! XD

Definitely go check out Blue Robotto if you’re looking for a custom bag, 3ds case, pack sack, or wallet! They do a ton of fandom type work as well. Their Pokemon Go items are totally cute.