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Work and Headaches

Sorry for radio silence on the site, I keep forgetting it when I update everywhere else. Bad Llama. lol. Trying to get things done, so much do to, do little time! Doesn't help I've been fighting non stop headaches for weeks now. Doc's...not really sure what's going on...

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Wimpod Plush

Finished Commission for Lunerlad. They asked for Wimpod for a cosplay. Fairly straightforward since we decided to go a little simpler on the design. It has plastic corrugated board in its base so it lays flat. Like a big pillow! LOL Fabric: Minky Embroidery: Madiera...

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From Sketch to Final

Tons of little edits and changes everywhere lol. Biggest "change" was switching Vaporeon and Umbreon though, they fit better that way. Sketched in Clip Studio, Vectored in Affinity Designer, finished back in Clip Studio. The finished piece will be available as a print...

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Blues the Mew

Commission for a very nice (and patient) person! Their character Blues the Mew! He stands a little over a foot tall, as close to "life size" as I could get. He has an internal wire frame in the body and tail, so he stands all by himself. His jacket is not removable,...

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Because I can never leave it alone!

So, revamp number pumpkin at this point, lets say. Wanted to spruce up the site, got bored, found this pretty new theme called Divi and well... SO MANY PRETTY BUTTONS. I... think I'm kinda done? For the moment? Except for some tweaks... and the store. Still need to...

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