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I will be at Yukomicon from August 25th to 27th! My table is around the middle of the floor, I should be easy to spot, I’m going to have a large banner! I’m really excited about the con and it will be the launch of the Yukon Coloring Guide Colouring Book! Stop by and say hi! 🙂

Store and site updates, and Colouring Book!

Been working on the site store. I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed the crazy shipping module on it now, so it should be accurate without making prices insane. I hope. Love spending $100 on apps that don’t work… if it’s still going crazy please let me know. WooCommerce is… fussy.

Anyways, there’s not much new in the store right now (I did add some Sailor Moon necklaces that were on my Etsy), mainly I’m just getting it ready for the Book launch! I received the final proof last week, and it looked amazing! The colouring book went into full production yesterday morning! It should be completed in about a week. I’m so exited, it’s almost here! Then I will have the big launch on the site and my social media!

I fixed up the site, was not happy with the blog. I really don’t like having to click to read a full post, so why should others? Put the blog back to a more basic look, which suits me fine. Also, I wanted my damn gifs back!! XD I was so annoyed when Divi got rid of the option for grid blog mode! Finally, moved some things, brought the store to the top and added a nice banner for it, since well, I am attempting to sell stuff LOL.  I think I’m done. For a bit. Maybe.

Last minute panic anyone?

Hi all! Again, sorry for radio silence, been working like a madman trying to get everything done! The colouring book is 3 pages away from completion, and will go to printers July 31st! Super excited about that! After that, last minute convention prep PANIC! Won’t that be fun?!  Back to work for me for now, next big site update will be the COLOURING BOOK LAUNCH! Stay tuned!

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