You’ll probably see posts sprinkled throughout the blog, but they’ve all been gathered into one area called Contracts (also under the Commissions section in the drop down). This is where I’ll be listing all of the past contracts and jobs I’ve done for various clients! From now on when I complete a job for someone, it’ll fall under this category. Just trying to get the website more organized! 🙂


Woo! Completed my November Doodle Challenge, which was a months worth of my original characters! I has so many of them, I’m going to be continuing the challenge and drawing more of them in December! I really enjoy keeping my Bullet Journal updated, and these little challenges are a great way to keep sketching, even if they’re just quick 10 minute sketches. 🙂


Yes, I can and do in fact still draw LOL. I know, it’s been ages. Life n all that.

Just another peek into the coloring book I’m still working on. Rough sketch of one of Skyes pages, and a more fleshed out sketch. Those leaves are going to be hell to ink. ^^;
 Originally I was going to do the book at about a 6X9, but I’ve been talking with a different printing company and for the very minor price increase, I’ve decided to go for full 8.5X11 letter size! Much more space to color! I’m really happy about that because bigger is always better. Only problem was I had to alter every finished paged to the new size. Thankfully only a few were major overhauls. ^^; The book will be a soft cover, with very thick 100lb paper that should be fairly marker friendly. I’m glad to be making progress on the book again. 19/25 sketched, 15/25 pages vectored.

I’m unsure how I will go about funding it when it’s done though. The more I order the much better deal I get from the printing and hence the much lower pricing I can offer to customers, so while I’d like to order bulk of them, it’s quite a heavy investment. I’m considering Kickstarter for help, if I did go that way, what sort of rewards should I offer? I’m interested in hearing what people like.

Oh look, actual website updates lol. I’ve updated the portfolio section. Now you can either click Portfolio to see all of the things, or use the drop down to view items by category. Yah, back to categories again, it just feels nicer to have both options since some people only want to see certain things. That’s about all for now!

Got this bag today and just had to show it off. I ordered a custom bag from the etsy shop Blue Robotto and boy did they deliver! It is so freaking CUTE! Cinder looks just amazing embroidered on the side of the bag!  The inside has all custom pockets as well, and it was definitely a bit bigger than I anticipated, which to me is even better. It’s very light, but well stitched. My upholsterer father is quite particular when I order such things, and he said the bag was very well made. I’m very impressed and I just adore it! It’s awesome seeing Cinder on things, and it’s going to be awesome showing him off! XD

Definitely go check out Blue Robotto if you’re looking for a custom bag, 3ds case, pack sack, or wallet! They do a ton of fandom type work as well. Their Pokemon Go items are totally cute.